A teaser for Railracing Angels – Book 3

I haven’t been here lately as I have been writing other projects, but now that I am working on Book 3 in the series I’m back.

I thought I’d put a teaser in the way of the first paragraph of Railracing Angels, Book 3, here. So here it is:

“I wonder what this pair test will be like and what it involves,” I said to Danny.
As I said this, the classroom began fading: the cupboards and chairs turned into whiteness and the grey walls turned blue.
“I think we’re about to find out,” he said.
Then we heard a voice saying, “How about a bit of excitement, instead of just driving around?”
We were now looking down at country lanes, and saw a car with two boys and two girls, who all looked our age.
I looked at Danny to say, “What do you think they’re going to do?”
Danny shrugged.
Then the male teenage voice said, “I was thinking. There’s a railway along here. How about chasing it or racing it?”
“Let’s race it, Freddie,” the other boy replied.

So, what is in store for Lizzie and Danny? Apart from challenging teenagers, having to relive their memories again, there is a twist this time. They have an invisible and unknown enemy who wants them to fail. I am having fun writnig this book, and am nearly 9000 words in it already. This is going to be a double story.

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