The Guardian Angels reach Down Under

Today, when I went on to Amazon to look at my ebook downloads, I discovered that someone has bought each of my Angel ebooks in Australia. That is the wonder of epublishing yourself – you can reach far and wide as possible that the distributors such as Amazon get to. Hurrah.

The cover for The Racing Angel

I have now got a cover for ‘The Racing Angel’, the next ebook in the series.  And here it is:

This is Danny on his motorbike, as an angel. What do you think?  I really like it, esp the background.  It gives it a more surreal edge to it, I think.  I did originally choose an image of a young man riding his bike along a road, but it was too costly to purchase.  So I chose this one.  Let me know what you think of this cover.  As I said, I love it already

Next week I am going to post the blurb for the book.  I will put both cover and blurb on here once the book is published.