The Concept

Before now, I never even thought about the actual concept of the Guardian Angel series.  All I had in my mind was a team of teenage angels who were tested and trained to become guardian angels for teenagers on Earth, so they could prevent them from doing foolish acts and maybe ending up dead.  I only had one school for this idea, the School for Lost Angels, where Lizzie and Danny et al go when they die and are tested.  That has now changed.  Writing Racing Angel, with all the numerous changes to it, esp the comments from my professional editor, I can see that I didn’t have one.  But I do now. And here it is:

A fantasy heaven where all children go when they die before their time.  There is a junior school for younger children, where they are taught why they are dead and to accept it.  This is where they go before they are trained in the main school.  Then for teenagers who die like Lizzie and Danny, needlessly after doing foolish acts, they go straight to the main school and are tested and trained.  After a year they graduate and move on to the senior school. This is where Tom and Barney come from, when Danny and Lizzie meet them in Racing Angel.  I have hinted about the junior school and who goes there in Racing Angel, and the same with the senior school.  I thank my editor, Hilary Johnsnon, for pointing this out to me.

Watch out for more children, younger and older, appearing in future ebooks in the series.

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