Sneak preview of blurb and cover of Leaping Angels

Hello, there

I plan to start publishing ‘The Leaping Angels’ next week as I’m in the process of finalising it all into an ebook. It is the fourth in the Guardian Angels series, and is Danny and Lizzie’s group test.

Here is a sneak preview of its cover and blurb:




How would you stop a group of teenagers from leaping from a hotel balcony to another? That’s Lizzie and Danny’s next mission – the group test. With graduate, Alex, they use their persuasion skills, memories and concentration on getting to the hotel where the teenagers are. Only they find that their enemy, the Dark Angel, has got there first. For during their memory challenge, it starts to go wrong. The teens leap faster and faster from one balcony to another until one boy falls. With ‘what if’ scenarios and flashbacks, Danny persuades the leader to stop his gang. But then Lizzie has to prevent a rival gang from doing the same. With memories of her death and what just happened, she persuades them to leave, but the Enemy pushes one of the boys to fall. Alex flies to the rescue. Two groups saved in one day. They have passed their group test.

As I’ve said, I plan to start publishing it, first with Smashwords, next week possibly Monday. I will post on social media sites when it is available and where.





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